Why Carrier?

Carrier is distinguished by its manufacture of various types of air conditioners in size, from 1.5 hp, 2.25 hp and also 3, 4 and 5 hp, many carrier air conditioners that cater to the needs of the Egyptian house, as well as providing warranty services that reach for 5 years.
The air conditioning system is one of the most important devices that everyone is keen to buy to avoid the summer heat. Carrier is keen to provide all types that suit your needs and taste. The following is a list of the best types of air conditioners provided by Carrier:


Each of us has the taste to choose the air conditioning that suits his needs. If you want to get window conditioning, it is necessary to provide a hole in the wall of the room to be installed, and the installation of the carrier provided by one of the most common types of air conditioners because of what it enjoys Its features and advantages as well as its ease of use and low price.


The design of the nets has many advantages, the most prominent of which is its ease of use and its price is simple and accessible to all, and despite its advantages, it is not without flaws.

  • High sounds occur during playback.
  • Does not work with the required efficiency at times.
  • The air conditioning unit can not be moved.
  • One of the most common types of air conditioning used for electricity causes an increase in the electricity bill.


The use of Split is usually made of two pieces, one of which is installed in the room to be cooled from the inside, and the other is installed on the roof of the house or outside.


In spite of the advantages offered by this type of air conditioners of the elegance of its shape and its ability to purify the air from harmful microbes and dust, it is not free of defects.

  • It does not have the normal air, and its air purification is weak.


Is one of the distinct air conditioners of Carrier, which provides coolness for large areas where it is used in factories, companies and large stores that need a central air conditioner to cool the atmosphere, but this device is a high-priced devices and it needs periodic maintenance work, which usually Our maintenance service is carried out at the Carrier Maintenance Center, which specializes in repairing all types of Carrier malfunctions.


Some of its disadvantages are:

  • It is one of the most expensive air conditioners.
  • Consumes large amounts of electricity.

Technical Support

Carrier Maintenance Center offers maintenance of all types of air conditioners such as:

  1. Repairing the problems of the compressor of the air conditioner does not work and does not make a sound, and this may occur often due to the existence of some damaged wires, which resulted from increased heating or error in the installation of wires.

To reform them, the following should be done:

  • Check wires to change
  • Wrong wires due to wiring wiring errors
  • You should check the air conditioning fuse as the fuse can not be changed and replaced only by opening the control circuit.
  • Check the control circuit accurately
  • We change the key.
  • Carrier repair team repairs any leakage from the internal air conditioning unit.
  • Checks any obstructions in the cooling ducts of the air conditioner.

Carrier Center Hotline

Carrier Maintenance provides a hotline to receive complaints and inquiries from all customers, where the company is keen to provide a customer service and available 24-hour, which we are interested in responding to all inquiries, requests and complaints at any time.
Through our hotline service, we respond promptly and promptly to all complaints in the event of a sudden breakdown which is immediately dealt with through this service.
Carrier Maintenance Customer Service is quick to respond to all queries addressed to us, and we always maintain a good attitude in order to maintain the confidence of our customers can contact us anytime and wherever you are.

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